Friday, 29 May 2015

Social Media Design by Oudney's Studios

Social media allows businesses to communicate directly with customers in real time with real opinions and insightful messages. The key to a sound social media campaign is to have a clear objective of what you wish to achieve from the activity.

It is important that your social networking promotes your business and the products and services you offer through the use of keyword rich content and links that go directly to pages within the website that are relevant to your post.
Social Media Design by Oudney's Studios
Tips for successful social media:
  • Improved SEO. Improve your positions in the SERP’s by building links into your website from your social media campaigns
  • Increase web traffic. Drive traffic to your website by enticing visitors to follow a link to “read more” or “see full story here”
  • Be professional. Followers want to hear from you, your opinions and your experiences, not just snippets from your recent brochure!  So put yourself out there and keep it professional - not personal
  • Be responsive. All news can spread like wildfire and it is important to respond and respond fast
  • Measure it. Everything that is done online is trackable so make sure that you measure the impact of your campaigns
We are a multi-discipline agency committed to delivering great results to build your brand and your business. We see every client as unique and tailor our solutions to your exact needs.

We start with a great idea: We believe that when it comes to creativity, you’ve either got it or you haven't! And we’ve got ample! Original, passionate, evocative, inspirational and a little bit wow. That’s what marketing should be…and that’s what we create.

We keep it together: It is essential that all aspects of a marketing strategy are integrated as one. We are talented, qualified, experienced and all under one roof so we can ensure your campaigns are created and delivered seamlessly.

We deliver great things: We deliver on time, on budget and in line with your objectives! Marketing has always been about getting results, but never more so than in recent years, and that’s why we offer first rate consultancy to ensure that objectives are set and always achieved!
Use our vast array of services to help you take a fresh look at all aspects of the marketing strategy for your business.

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